Western Swamp Tortoise Recovery Plan

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Andrew A Burbidge and Gerald Kuchling
Department of Conservation and Land Management
Department of Zoology, The University of Western Australia, 1994
ISSN 0816-9713

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About the plan

The Western Australian Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM) publishes Wildlife Management Programs to provide detailed information and management actions for the conservation of threatened or harvested species of flora and fauna. Management Program No. 6 for the Western Swamp Tortoise was published late in 1990 (Burbidge et al. 1990) and much of the information and recovery actions are taken from that document. This Recovery Plan provides more detailed descriptions of actions and accurate costing of them.

Recovery Plans delineate, justify and schedule management actions necessary to support the recovery of an endangered or vulnerable species or ecological community. The attainment of objectives and the provision of funds is subject to budgetary and other constraints affecting the parties involved, as well as the need to address other priorities. Recovery Plans do not necessarily represent the views nor the official positions of any individuals or agencies represented on the Recovery Team. This Recovery Plan has been approved by the Executive Director, Department of Conservation and Land Management, the National Parks and Nature Conservation Authority and the Minister for the Environment.

Approved Recovery Plans are subject to modification as dictated by new findings, changes in species' status and completion of recovery actions.

This Recovery Plan was prepared in 1992 and was submitted to the Australian Nature Conservation Agency (ANCA) for funding under the National Endangered Species Program. Funds were provided by ANCA in 1992/93 with an indication that it would continue to fund a proportion of the total costs indicated in the Plan in future years.

Information in the Plan is accurate at June 1992, although where it seemed important for a clear reading of the Plan, modifications have been made to provide updated information up to the end of 1993.

This national Recovery Plan for the Western Swamp Tortoise , details the species' distribution and biology, conservation status, threats, and recovery objectives and actions necessary to ensure its long-term survival.