The 2016–2017 Research and Capacity-Building Grants rounds are CLOSED.

The Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS) National Taxonomy Research Grant Program (NTRGP) provides grants for taxonomic research. Grants are awarded for research projects where the primary aim is to undertake taxonomic research on the Australian biota or to develop products that aid in the dissemination of taxonomic information. The program also supports projects that build Australian taxonomic capacity.

The following funding streams are available under the NTRGP:

  • Research Grants — this stream provides support to Postdoctoral Fellows and established career researchers to undertake research relevant to the taxonomy and systematics of the Australian biota. Research Grants of $10 000, $35 000, $70 000 or $90 000 per annum (excluding GST) are available, as well as a $90 000 per annum (excluding GST) Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant.
  • Capacity-Building Grants — this stream focuses on support for training and/or recruitment of taxonomists, especially for research on critical taxonomic groups. Honours Scholarships, Masters Scholarships and APA Top-Up grants are available. Non-salaried researcher grants are also available and are offered on an annual basis to allow the completion of projects by non-salaried researchers.
  • Student Travel Grants — this stream provides support for Honours, Masters and PhD students in Australian institutions to travel to national or international conferences or workshops relevant to both the student's research program in taxonomy or systematics and the ABRS Priority Areas for Research Grants.

Program objectives

The ABRS NTRGP is the only program in Australia that supports research into taxonomy. The program is designed to:

  • Improve our knowledge of the Australian biota through targeted taxonomic research
  • Increase funding for taxonomy through enhanced co-funding opportunities
  • Build Australia's taxonomic capacity by supporting postgraduate research training and early career researchers

In implementing the NTRGP, the ABRS strives to:

  • Improve grant administration and management for the ABRS
  • Simplify the application processes for applicants and their institutions

Program features

The program features:

  • Fixed grant amounts — Applicants apply for grants under a scheme of set levels of funding.
  • Support for building taxonomic capacity — the program has a designated capacity-building allocation aimed at building the taxonomic workforce, as well as funding for research grants of various specified amounts.
  • A co-funding requirement for Research Grants — the ABRS Research Grants are all co-funded. That is, applicants must have obtained a commitment for the applicable amount of co-funding for their application to be considered.
  • Substantial Supplement Partners — the ABRS will partner with organisations or consortia interested in bringing significant funding to a broad area of taxonomic research to secure matching funding for that area from the NTRGP.

Program benefits

Benefits of the Program include:

  • Increased support for early career researchers (including provision for retired taxonomists to mentor younger researchers through support for non-salaried researcher positions)
  • Provision for major, national-scale investigations incorporating multiple researchers and institutions.

Grant application forms

There is one form for Research Grants and one form for Capacity-Building Grants. Guidelines for completing each application form are included in the same document as the application form, allowing for step-by-step instructions for completing the form. The guidelines in each form include conditions and requirements to be met to receive grant funding, the ABRS research priorities, as well as general instructions on completing the application forms.

Failure to comply with the guidelines for completing the application forms will render your application ineligible.

All grant recipients who receive(d) funding under the NTRGP, are subject to the terms and conditions set out in the ABRS Grant Funding Agreement.

Assessment criteria and process

Grants are approved by the Parliamentary Secretary on an annual basis. For selection processes used to provide recommendations to the Parliamentary Secretary on grant applications to be approved, please see the relevant Research Grants or Capacity-Building Grants pages.

Priority areas for 2016–2017

Projects funded under the NTRGP must be public good in focus and support the broad ABRS Priority Areas for Research Grants listed below:

  1. Biodiversity, Conservation and Vulnerable and Endangered Species
  2. Public, Plant and Animal Health
  3. Building Taxonomic Capacity

These criteria will be used in the 2016–2017 grants round and applicants must address one or more of these criteria within the relevant section of the application forms.


Applicants who are successful in receiving funding from the ABRS under the NTRGP are required to report to the ABRS on the progress of their grant. Failure to submit any Report by the due date may result in cancellation of the grant and ALL future funding.

All grant recipients who receive(d) funding from the ABRS, are subject to the terms and conditions set out in the ABRS Grant Funding Agreements.

For Reporting templates, please refer to the relevant Research Grants or Capacity-Building Grants pages.