Substantial Supplement Partners

ABRS National Taxonomy Research Grant Program

The ABRS welcomes approaches from potential Substantial Supplement Partners (including industry or consortia) interested in bringing significant funding to a broad area of taxonomic research to secure matching funding for that area from the ABRS National Taxonomy Research Grant Program. The ABRS also welcomes collaborations with partners who can offer funding or other support for field survey, logistics or equipment to supplement taxonomic research grants.


Substantial Supplement Partners can:

  • have taxonomic funding directed towards a particular business need or area of interest
  • access matching ABRS grant program funding to increase the pool for research support
  • access administrative support from the ABRS in the awarding and monitoring of grants, and
  • if desired, participate in joint promotion of grants through advertising and media opportunities.

Substantial Supplement Partners will:

  • offer funding of $200 000 per year or more for taxonomic research (to be matched by the ABRS) OR offer funding or other support for taxonomic research grant top-ups (for example, scientific equipment or logistical support for surveying involved with the research) AND
  • offer funds to a broad area of research (a broad area of research may be, for example, tropical reef systems, marine flora or terrestrial flora and fauna) AND
  • offer funds not restricted to a particular institution/s or researcher/s.

Within priority areas, Substantial Supplement Partners may wish to identify preferred themes within the projects to be funded, to comment on applications received and/or to participate in the assessment process for applications received. Substantial Supplement partners would be informed of the projects selected for support and would, at a minimum, have early access to results being generated in the project.

In the 2009–10 grants round, CReefs partnered with the ABRS to provide $205 000 per year for three years to supplement matching funding from the ABRS National Taxonomy Research Grant Program. This combined pool of $410 000 p.a. supported a number of taxonomic research projects focused in the area of tropical reef systems.

ABRS welcomes enquiries from potential partners for future grants round.

For more information on becoming a Substantial Supplement Partner contact:

Ph: 02 6250 9558