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The rich and diverse Australian fauna is estimated at well over 250 000 species. At present, over 120 000 species (just under half) have been documented and described. Of the described fauna, the relatively well-known vertebrates are represented by about 7550 species. The abundant invertebrates are represented by around 114 000 species, half of which are yet to be described. ABRS produces books and posters on Australian fauna, and provides electronic checklists and identification tools. These include the Australian Faunal Directory, a free online public enquiry database that provides taxonomic and biological information.

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Fauna of Australia series

Fauna of Australia

The Fauna of Australia series provides an authoritative synthesis of the primary literature and other available information for animal groups present in continental Australia and its external territories (Australian Antarctic Territories, Christmas, Cocos-Keeling and Norfolk Islands), Lord Howe and Macquarie Islands, and the Australian Marine Exclusive Economic Zone. The copiously illustrated series is unique in providing such comprehensive family level accounts of Australia’s faunal diversity. These are coupled with illustrated keys, glossaries and a detailed index. The text is meticulously researched, contributed by invited specialists, and illustrated by Australia’s finest faunal illustrators.

Of the originally conceived 10 volume series, only five volumes were published. In future, any similar detailed faunal accounts for groups in the Australian Fauna will be published independently.

Zoological Catalogue of Australia series

Zoological Catalogue of Australia

Volumes in the Zoological Catalogue of Australia series were compiled as the source of taxonomic knowledge of the Australian fauna. The published volumes have now been incorporated into the Australian Faunal Directory.

Both the published Catalogue volumes and the AFD are of of great value and interest to taxonomists, zoogeographers, fauna survey and management authorities, ecologists, environmental consultants, public health and veterinary authorities, and others who require information on the nomenclature, taxonomy and biology of the Australian fauna.


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