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John Henry Calaby (1922–1998) held a lifelong interest in natural history, expressed throughout his 42-year career in CSIRO, initially in the Division of Entomology, and subsequently in the newly formed Wildlife Survey section. The latter evolved to become the present Division of Wildlife and Ecology (more recently CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems), from which Calaby retired in 1987. Further information on his career and achievements are detailed by Sharman, G.B. (1998). John Henry Calaby (1922–1998). A Biographical Memoir. Australian Mammalogy 19: 437–447.

Calaby’s research interests ranged widely, with a primary focus on vertebrate biology, especially mammalogy, on which he published over 130 papers and articles. Less well-known, but enormously valuable was the comprehensive bibliography on the mammals of Australia and its dependencies, and the New Guinea region, which he assembled and published as a service to the community from a wide range formal and less formal publications. The bibliography begins with 1958, the year of the Society’s beginning.

His first contribution to Current Literature appeared in Bulletin no. 1 of the fledgling Australian Mammal Society, of which he was editor from 1960 to 1975 and one of the four founder members. By 1998, his 33 contributions comprised in all 10 600 citations, providing a significant resource for mammalogists everywhere on a period of huge growth in Australian mammalogy.

As several of the earlier contributions to Current Literature are difficult to obtain, the compilers scanned a complete set and assembled an electronic version. It has been checked for errors introduced during scanning; however, we recognise that some may have been missed. In such cases, and for any other errors detected by readers, please forward the details to ABRS so we can update the files.


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The bibliography incorporates Calaby’s original divisions as keywords at the end of each citation. These divisions are (with numbers of references in each):

In some early issues, Dingo was included as a keyword; the compilers have extended its inclusion to cover all identifiable references to the Dingo.

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