Flora of Australia Volume 35—Brunoniaceae, Goodeniaceae


Volume 35 of the Flora of Australia contains one large family of plants - Goodeniaceae - and a monotypic related one - Brunoniaceae. Eleven genera and c. 403 species make up the Goodeniaceae, a typically Australian family with few representatives in other countries. They are mostly herbaceous plants or small shrubs and include many plants with colourful flowers such as Lechenaultia, Scaevola, Goodenia and Dampiera. A number of these are widely cultivated as ornamentals. Members of the family occur in most regions and habitats of Australia and are especially widespread in semi-arid and arid areas.

The Brunoniaceae contains only the Native Cornflower, Brunonia australis, a herb widespread in drier inland regions.

This volume covers 2 families, 12 genera and 404 species. 9 new taxa are described, as well as many new combinations and lectotypifications.

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