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State of the Environment 2011 Committee. Australia state of the environment 2011.
Independent report to the Australian Government Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.
Canberra: DSEWPaC, 2011.



State of the Environment 2011

Dr Tom Hatton, Chair of the State of the Environment 2011 Committee, extends his deepest appreciation and gratitude to Dr Steven Cork, Peter Harper, Robert Joy, Professor Peter Kanowski, Richard Mackay, Dr Neil McKenzie and Dr Trevor Ward for their unflagging integrity, commitment, patience and professionalism in executing their obligations on the State of the Environment (SoE) 2011 Committee.

The committee recognises the excellent and innovative support it received from the entire Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (DSEWPaC)—in particular, from the National Environmental Reporting section led by Dr Nancy Dahl-Tacconi; our close partnership and their outstanding and sustained commitment underpin the quality and relevance of this report. Our gratitude extends to Dr Barbara Wienecke of the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) for her leadership on the Antarctic environment chapter; to the departmental SoE executive panel chaired by Mark Tucker (and previously Malcolm Thompson) for its advice and support; to Sebastian Lang; and to Chrissy Grant, Dave Johnson and the rest of the Indigenous Advisory Committee of DSEWPaC for their assistance and guidance on Indigenous perspectives on our environment and heritage.

We also acknowledge early guidance and advice from Associate Professor Marc Hockings and Dr Kirstin Dobbs, who helped with the assessment frameworks used in this report.

Special thanks go to the editorial and design team of Biotext, whose contributions greatly improved the strength and appearance of the report and associated supplementary products. We thank Kylie Evans for information design, project management, technical writing and editing; Dr Richard Stanford for design concepts, production and management; and the Biotext team members Carrie DeHaan, Kirsten Duncan, Dr Andina Faragher, Tracy Harwood, Meg Heaslop, Dr Julie Irish, Dr Janet Salisbury and Dr We thank Papercut for design production and the Papercut team members Claire Connelly, Kate Brennan, Susannah Luddy, Tamar Mavian and Francesca Ryan.

The committee and department also thank Colleen McRae, Robyn Whytcross and Nilanthi Ratnayake for tireless administrative support; and the peer reviewers (listed at the end of this section) for strengthening the report through insightful feedback and suggestions for improving individual chapters and supplementary materials.


The Atmosphere chapter benefited greatly from the generous inputs of many people. The committee particularly thanks Peter Marsack and Brad Moore of the DSEWPaC National Environmental Reporting section for their assistance and support. The following individuals provided valuable early advice on a draft outline setting out the overall approach to the chapter: Dr Tom Beer (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, CSIRO); Ian Carruthers, Julie Gilfelt and Rob Sturgis (Australian Government Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, DCCEE); Dr Peter Manins; and Professor Michael Manton and Dr Graeme Pearman (Monash University). Comments on a pre–peer review draft of the chapter from the following people highlighted important omissions and corrected errors of fact: Dr Andrew Klekociuk (AAD); Dr Karl Braganza, Kevin Hennessey and Dr Neville Smith (Bureau of Meteorology, BoM); Kushla Munro and Anthony Swirepik (DCCEE); Chris Chambers, James Duggie, Drew Farrar, Arthur Grieco, Sarah McEvoy, Kristie Stevens and Ray Wallis (Department of Environment and Conservation Western Australia, DEC WA); Dr David Robinson, Keryn Oude-Egberink, David Wainwright and Lynn Whitfield (Department of Environment and Resource Management Queensland, DERM Qld); Wendy Spencer and Stephen Waight (Department of Premier and Cabinet Tasmania); Ellis Cox, Bob Hyde and Derrick Walters (Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment Tasmania, DPIPWE Tas); Dr David Finlay and Andrew Thiele Department of the Premier and Cabinet South Australia); Annie Gabrielle, Dr Robyn Gatehouse and Declan O'Connor-Cox (DSEWPaC); Rob Mitchell and Kelvyn Steer (Environmental Protection Agency South Australia); John Marsiglio and Brendan O'Malley (Environment Protection Authority Victoria, EPA Vic); Alan Betts, Hamish Clarke, Ann-Louise Crotty, Chris Eiser and Dr Peter Smith (New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage, NSW OEH); Dr Kate Auty and Dr Tim Morrison (Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability Victoria); Associate Professor Stephen Wilson (University of Wollongong); Robert Kennedy (Atmospheric Solutions); Jack Chiodo and Geoff White. A number of individuals assisted by providing data and figures: Dr David Cosgrove (Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics), Dr Lilia Deschamps and Dr Matt Tully (BoM), Dr Paul Krummel and Dr Paul Fraser (CSIRO) and Dr Richard McKenzie (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research New Zealand). Sean Walsh (EPA Vic) provided advice on air quality data analysis, and Catherine Wilson (Environment Link) assisted by providing air quality monitoring data and advice on the interpretation of air quality trends. The committee is also grateful to the three anonymous referees who provided detailed, challenging and constructive comments on the draft. Their critical review has greatly improved the final version.

Inland water

The committee recognises the central role of Lee-Anne Shepherd of the DSEWPaC National Environmental Reporting section in supporting the development of the Inland water chapter and ensuring its accuracy, completeness and quality assurance. The chapter was strengthened by valuable contributions from other DSEWPaC officers, including Kelly West, Matthew Sprott, Belinda Allison, Jennifer Martin, Bruce Gray, Ian Warren and Dr Jin Wang. Further appreciation is expressed for early comments on approaches to the chapter by Dr Bill Young (CSIRO), Professor Peter Davies (University of Western Australia), Peter Cozier (Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists), Dr Ben Gawne (Murray–Darling Freshwater Research Centre), Dr Arlene Harriss-Buchan (Australian Conservation Foundation) and Warwick McDonald (BoM); for the comments of three anonymous external reviewers; and for input and review on Indigenous issues by Brad Moggridge (CSIRO). This chapter uses data from commissioned reports prepared by Emma Collins and the team at Sinclair Knight Mertz, and Dr Evan Harrison and the team at the Institute for Applied Ecology at the University of Canberra. These reports relied on the generous provision of data, time and advice by state and territory representatives and others, for which we are very grateful, and were improved through independent review by four anonymous reviewers. The support of the National Water Commission and the BoM in providing key documents and data is greatly appreciated.


The committee thanks Dayani Gunawardana, Brad Moore and Lisa Teasdale of the DSEWPaC National Environmental Reporting section for their central role in supporting the development of the Land chapter. We also thank the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences, DCCEE, CSIRO, the Environmental Resources Information Network (ERIN) and the NSW OEH for data provision, and many staff of those agencies—particularly Dr Michele Barson, Nikki Fitzgerald, Dr Rob Lesslie, Jodie Mewett, Richard Thackway, Ian Warren, Brian Wilson, Greg Chapman and Dr Juan Pablo Guerschman—for their assistance. Thanks also to Rosemary Hook (facilitator) and those who attended the Soil Carbon and Acidification workshops: Dr Ram Dalal and Dr Phil Moody (DERM Qld); Dr Jeff Baldock, Mike Grundy, Richard Merry, Liz Stower, Dr Mike Webb and Peter Wilson (CSIRO); Dr Bill Slattery (DCCEE); Dr Fran Hoyle (DEC WA); Associate Professor Brian Wilson (University of New England); Dr Bill Cotching (University of Tasmania); Chris Gazey (Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia); Doug Crawford (Department of Primary Industries Victoria); and Greg Chapman (NSW OEH). The case studies written by Dr Dermot Smyth (Smyth and Bahrdt Consultants), Dr Graeme Worboys ( Jagumba Consulting) and Ian Pulsford (Global Learning) illuminated important elements of the chapter. Professor Grant McTainsh, Dr Tadhg O'Loingsigh and Dr Craig Strong (Griffith University); Dr John Leys (NSW OEH); Dr Sandy Berry (Australian National University); and Dr Matt Colloff (CSIRO) contributed work that assisted our understanding. The committee gratefully acknowledges helpful reviews of the chapter by staff of relevant state and territory agencies, by those who peer-reviewed commissioned material, and by five anonymous external peers.

Marine environment

The committee thanks Boon Lim of the DSEWPaC National Environmental Reporting section for ensuring the accuracy, completeness and quality assurance of the Marine environment chapter. We also greatly appreciate the contributions from the 40 invited marine experts who freely contributed their time to the National Marine Condition Assessment workshops (these people are listed in the additional material on the SoE website); from Chris Marshall (Marine Division DSEWPaC), who assisted and participated in the workshop process; from Dr Kirstin Dobbs (Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority), who provided her experience with the Great Barrier Reef outlook process and contributed to the workshops; from Richard Stoklosa (E-Systems Pty Ltd) for moderating the workshops; and from Ian Warren, Carolyn Armstrong, Sarah Coulson and Jo Allison (ERIN, DSEWPaC), who provided a number of map and data products. The committee is also very grateful for logistics support for the workshops provided by Colleen McRae and Carly Rickerby (DSEWPaC). The input from the authors of the four case studies is also appreciated, especially given the tight timelines imposed by the chapter preparation process. The committee is grateful for the important additional information provided by Dr Craig Syms (University of Technology Sydney), Dr Morgan Pratchett (James Cook University), Dr Roy Melville-Smith (Curtin University of Technology), Duan Biggs ( James Cook University), Dr Ken Anthony (Australian Institute of Marine Science, AIMS), Dr Peter Harrison (Southern Cross University), Dr Janice Lough (AIMS), Dr Richard Brinkman (AIMS), Dr Jamie Oliver (AIMS), Dr David Wachenfeld (Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority), Dr David Blondeau-Patisser (CSIRO), Dr Arnold Dekker (CSIRO), Dr Thomas Schroeder (CSIRO) and Dr Vittorio Brando (CSIRO). Five anonymous referees provided challenging and constructive comments on the draft, which have greatly improved the final version, and the committee is grateful for their inputs.

Antarctic environment

As well as its thanks to Dr Barbara Weinecke (AAD) for writing the chapter with the support of John Gunn (AAD), the committee is grateful for the assistance of other AAD staff, particularly Drs Dana Bergstrom, Andrew Davidson, Louise Emmerson, Graham Hosie, Andrew Klekociuk, Rob Massom, Martin Riddle, Tim Spedding, Jonny Stark, Jane Wasley, Dirk Welsford and Simon Wright from the science branch for editing and writing sections of the chapter. The committee also thanks Bruce Hull, Ewan McIvor, Dr Sandra Potter and especially Rhonda Bartley (AAD Policy Section) for their input, as well as Leslie Frost (AAD Operations). Thanks also extend to Professor Sharon Robinson (University of Wollongong), Professor Ian Alison (University of Tasmania), Dr Rosemary Gales and Dr Rachael Alderman (DPIPWE Tas), and various colleagues from CSIRO and the University of Tasmania. We are also grateful for the support of Dr Nancy Dahl-Tacconi, Dr Christopher Palmer, Lynette Sebo and Lee-Anne Shepherd of the DSEWPaC National Environmental Reporting section, and three anonymous referees whose comments were most helpful.


The committee thanks Megan Watson, Peter Marsack, Dr Nancy Dahl-Tacconi, Dayani Gunawardana, Brad Moore, Lee-Anne Shepherd and Yarden Oren of the DSEWPaC National Environmental Reporting section for their input. Although we accessed information from across DSEWPaC, several parts of the department provided particularly key inputs: ERIN, Parks Australia, those responsible for the Australian Natural Heritage Assessment Tool, the Conservation Policy section of the Biodiversity Conservation Branch and the Endangered Species Unit. We acknowledge the key contributions to this chapter from the SoE reports of Australia's states and territories and from the Assessment of Australia's terrestrial biodiversity 2008. State and territory representatives generously gave their time to discuss our summaries of their reports. We thank several people who contributed comments and/or material for boxes in the report: Dr Sarah Bekessy (RMIT University); Dr Matt Colloff, Dr Jocelyn Davies, Dr Simon Ferrier and Dr Andy Sheppard (CSIRO); Professor Ted Lefroy (University of Tasmania); Paul Sattler (Paul Sattler Eco-consulting Pty Ltd); and Dr Brendan Wintle (University of Melbourne). We particularly thank Dr Graham Worboys ( Jagumba Consulting Pty Ltd) for providing, with Ian Pulsford, a review of connectivity conservation and for giving us his time to discuss the issues. Penelope Figgis and Dr Martin Taylor (WWF Australia and IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas), and Virginia Young (Strategic Interventions) contributed many ideas and viewpoints, and we especially thank Martin for access to WWF's Building nature's safety net report before its publication. Finally, we thank the five anonymous reviewers for their detailed, insightful and sometimes tough comments, which improved the chapter immeasurably.


The committee recognises the central role of Lynette Sebo of the DSEWPaC National Environmental Reporting section in supporting the development of the Heritage chapter and for ensuring its accuracy, completeness and quality assurance. The chapter received strong support from the entire DSEWPaC National Environmental Reporting section but particularly incorporates assistance from Lee-Anne Shepherd, Matthew Sprott and Kelly West. Other DSEWPaC officers who contributed include Jane Ambrose, Rodney Atkins, Veronica Blazely, Doug Brown, Mark Carruthers, Jennifer Carter, Peter Cochrane, David Collett, Peter Graham, Leanne Handreck, Ken Heffernan, Theo Hooy, Rochelle Johnston, Anne Martiniello, Dr Leah McKenzie, Paul Murphy, Mark Nizette, Brian Prince, James Shevlin, Megan Smith, Dr Greg Terrill, Elizabeth Wren and Ilse Wurst; as well as Jim Longworth and Thomas Polden from ERIN; the Heritage and Wildlife Division; Indigenous Policy Branch; and Parks Australia. A major contribution to the chapter was generously delivered by more than 50 professional colleagues who participated in meetings and roundtable workshop discussions in 2010 and 2011 with the Australian Heritage Council, the Heritage Chairs and Officials of Australia and New Zealand, the Australian Committee for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (ACIUCN), the Australia International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), heads of Australian parks agencies and the DSEWPaC Indigenous Advisory Committee; all of these people are listed in the additional material on the SoE website. The Heritage chapter incorporates data and illustrations supplied by state heritage and parks agencies. Officers who contributed include Cameron White, Stewart Watters, Dianne Bensley, Gail Pini, Ghristine Giovannucci, Lisa Chaston, Vicky Rapley, Nicole Mulholland, Zelja Danilovic, Meredith Evans and Mike Bentham. The chapter is supported by results from expert reports commissioned from Dr Michael Pearson and Duncan Marshall, Environmental Resource Management Australia (David Nicholson), and Watego Legal and Consulting (Eloise Schnierer, Sylvie Ellsmore and Professor Stephan Schnierer). Contributions to specific case studies were provided by Geoff Ashley, Sheridan Burke, Jennifer Faddy and Rachel Jackson (Godden Mackay Logan); Ken Markwell (Markwell Consulting); Andrew Copp (DSEWPaC); and Joy Elley and Harry Webber (Aboriginal Affairs Victoria); Natalie Gross and Maisy Stapleton (National Trust of Australia, NSW); Ester Guerzoni (Heritage Tasmania); Dr Andrew Growcock, Donna Quinn, Jacqueline Reid and Greg Storrier (Parks Service, NSW OEH); Dr Jo McDonald ( Jo McDonald Cultural Heritage Management); Dr Martin Taylor (WWF Australia and IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas); Dr Graeme Worboys (ACIUCN); Kaurna Tappa Iri Reconciliation Working Group; Tanner Architects Pty Ltd; Wunambal Gaambera Aboriginal Corporation; and Kado Muir. Throughout the preparation of the report, wise counsel, useful sources and comments were offered by Joan Domicelj, Kristal Buckley, Dr Jane Harrington, Dr Tracy Ireland, Dr Jane Lennon, Peter Phillips and Meredith Walker (ICOMOS); Kate Clark (NSW Historic Houses Trust); Chrissy Grant and Dave Johnson (DSEWPaC Indigenous Advisory Committee); Dr Peter Dowling (Australian Council of National Trusts); Penny Figgis (ACIUCN); Jim Gard'ner (Heritage Victoria); Fiona Gardiner (DERM Qld); and Professor Sharon Sullivan (Australian Heritage Council). Anna Cartwright, Nina Pollock and Julian Siu (Godden Mackay Logan) undertook a range of research and analysis tasks. Four anonymous referees provided constructive comments on the draft and suggestions for additional sources and case studies.

Built environment

The committee recognises the central role of Jan Gill (outposted officer from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to DSEWPaC) in supporting the development of the Built environment chapter and ensuring its accuracy, completeness and quality assurance and, before his departure from DSEWPaC, Jonathan Millard for his work in the initial development of the chapter. Further appreciation is expressed for early comments on approaches to the chapter by Professor Peter Newton (Sustainable Cities, Swinburne Institute for Social Research) and Dorte Ekelund (Major Cities Unit, Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Transport); for participation in the assessment workshop by Professor Andrew Beer (Director, Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning, University of Adelaide), Associate Professor Jago Dodson (Director, Urban Research Program, Griffith University), Professor Peter Newton (Swinburne Institute), Simone Stevenson (Planning Institute of Australia) and Professor Patrick Troy (Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, Australian National University); for facilitation of the workshop by Mark Butz; and for the comments of four external reviewers. The support of Paul Starr and the Waste Reporting and Reform section at DSEWPaC in the provision of waste information is also appreciated.


The committee thanks Megan Watson of the DSEWPaC National Environmental Reporting section for her support in the development of this chapter. Thanks are also extended to Jan Gill and Dayani Gunawardana (DSEWPaC National Environmental Reporting section), and Ian Warren and Will Riley (ERIN, DSEWPaC) for their information contributions. As this chapter was essentially a synthesis of material from other chapters, we thank those authors for their help. Alan Stokes, from the National Sea Change Taskforce, provided valuable information. Finally, we received very helpful comments from four anonymous reviewers.

Peer reviewers of the 2011 SoE report and supplementary materials

  • Dr John Armour
  • Dr Tom Beer
    CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research
  • Associate Professor Ruth Beilin
    School of Land and Environment
    University of Melbourne
  • Dr Sarah Bekessy
    School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning
    RMIT University
  • Dr Sandy Blair
    Heritage management consultant
  • Kristal Buckley
    Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific
    Deakin University
  • Professor Mark Burgman
    School of Botany
    University of Melbourne
  • Professor Peter Davies
    Centre of Excellence in Natural Resource Management
    University of Western Australia
  • Professor Peter E Davies
    Schools of Environment and Zoology
    University of Tasmania
  • Dr Richard Davis
    Water resources consultant
  • Dr Kirstin Dobbs
    Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
  • Dr Don Driscoll
    Fenner School of Environment and Society
    Australian National University
  • Professor Ian Falconer
  • Dr Stewart Frusher
  • Ian Galbally
    CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research
  • Annette Green
    Greenward Consulting
  • Dr Nicole Gurran
  • Dr Peter Hairsine
    CSIRO Land and Water
  • Associate Professor Marcus Haward
    School of Government
    University of Tasmania
  • Professor Lesley Hughes
    Department of Biological Sciences
    Macquarie University
  • Professor Graeme Hugo
    School of Geography, Environment and Population
    University of Adelaide
  • Dr Julia Jabour
    Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
    University of Tasmania
  • Professor Richard Kenchington
    Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security
    University of Wollongong
  • Dr Rod Kennett
  • Warwick McDonald
    Bureau of Meteorology
  • Dr Don McFarlane
    CSIRO Land and Water
  • Professor Peter Newman
    Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute
  • Professor Peter Newton
    Swinburne Institute for Social Research
    Swinburne University of Technology
  • Emeritus Professor Henry Nix
    Fenner School of Environment and Society
    Australian National University
  • Dr Phil Pisanu
    South Australian Department of Environment and Natural Resources
  • Dr Ian Poiner
    Australian Institute of Marine Science
  • Dr Wendy Proctor
    CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences
  • Dr Keith Reid
    Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources
  • David Salt
  • Dr Heinz Schandl
    CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences
  • Dr Andy Steven
  • Professor Michael Stoddart
    Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
    University of Tasmania
  • Professor Sharon Sullivan AO
  • Dr Matt Tully
    Bureau of Meteorology
  • Neil Urwin
  • Dr Jessica Weir
    Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
  • Dr John Woinarski
    Five further reviewers who did not provide permission for publication of their identity