Alligator Rivers Region Technical Committee members

Independent scientific members

Independent scientific members
Name Position Organisation Field
Prof. Barry Hart (Chair) Director Water Studies Centre Monash University Environmental Chemistry (as applied to surface water systems)
Mr Ray Evans Director Salient Solutions Australia Pty Ltd Hydrology and Hydrogeology
Ms Jill Fitch Manager, Radiation Section South Australian Dept of Human Services Radiation Protection and Health Physics
Dr Carl Grant Research Scientist Alcoa World Alumina Australia Plant Ecology (as applied to minesite revegetation)
Dr Terry Hillman Former Director Murray Darling Freshwater Research Centre, Albury Freshwater Ecology
Prof. Douglas Holdway Head, Ecotoxicology & Oil Spill Research Group Dept of Biotechnology and Environmental Biology
Ecotoxicology (as applied to surface water systems)
Prof. Gerald Nanson Professor School of Geosciences
University of Wollongong

Other members

Other members
Name Representing
Dr Arthur Johnston Supervising Scientist
Mr Tony McGill NT Department of Mines and Energy
Mr Shane Maraldo Hanson Australia Pty Ltd (formerly Pioneer International Ltd)
Dr Anthony Milnes (EWL Sciences) Energy Resources of Australia Ltd
Mr Steve Roeger Northern Land Council
Mr Peter Wellings Parks Australia