Alligator Rivers Region Technical Committee observers

The Alligator Rivers Region Technical Committee (ARRTC) meeting are attended by members of the Committee and associated advisers. Observers may attend meetings under the following arrangements.

  • Observers may attend meetings by invitation from the Chair.
  • Invitations may be sought by writing to, emailing or faxing the Committee Secretary.
  • Alternatively, a member of the Committee may nominate an observer to attend a meeting or a specific agenda item.
  • The draft agenda of each meeting will be posted on ARRTC's web site 3 weeks before the meeting as notice of the issues to be considered.

Conditions placed on observers

  • Observers may attend the section of the meeting noted in their invitation. This may be one or more specific agenda items or a full meeting.
  • Observers may be asked to leave the meeting room, for example during voting.
  • Observers may only address the Committee by the invitation of Chair.