Assessing density and distribution change in paperbark trees on the Magela floodplain in Kakadu using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


Supervising Scientist Note series
Contact officer: J Lowry
Supervising Scientist, April 2004

About the note

As part of a wider study that will help distinguish between the causes of any environmental impacts in the Alligator Rivers Region, including Kakadu National Park, we investigated the biophysical characteristics of the Magela catchment downstream of the Ranger and Jabiluka uranium mines in the Northern Territory of Australia. We used GIS technology to collate, integrate and analyse aerial photographs from 1975 and 1996, to determine if there has been a change in the density and distribution of paperbark trees on a section of the Magela floodplain. The application of GIS technology enabled the project to be undertaken as a desk top study over a short period.