Supervising Scientist

Who we are

The Supervising Scientist is a branch of the Science Division within the Department of the Environment. Our staff mainly comprise of scientists who at the leaders of their field, and our core functions are as follows:

  • Working to protect the environment through environmental research and monitoring, environmental supervision, audit and inspection.
  • Ensuring the protection of the Alligator Rivers Region from the effects of uranium mining and encouraging best practice in wetland conservation and management.

What we do

Environmental monitoring


We undertake a formal environmental monitoring program to monitor and assess impacts upon ecosystems and humans arising from mining activities at Ranger and Jabiluka.

Supervision & assessment


The Office of the Supervising Scientist carries out supervision and assessment functions in relation to uranium mining in the Alligator Rivers Region.

Environmental research


The Environmental Research Institute of the Supervising Scientist undertakes a comprehensive program of environmental research to identify impacts of uranium mining, to determine how impacts can be measured, avoided or minimised.

Keeping the community informed


We undertake a range of communication activities to keep the Alligator Rivers Region and the broader community informed about the environmental effects of uranium mining in the Region.