Displays, open days, exhibitions, talks and conferences

Communication activities

As part of the Division’s communication activities, SSD staff attend and present papers at a range of conferences, and participate in festivals, displays, school talks, open days, exhibitions and on-country knowledge-sharing with local indigenous people at the local, national and international level.

SSD’s display booth at the Mahbilil Festival

Photo: SSD's display booth at the Mahbilil Festival

Some of the regular local events SSD staff have attended include World Wetlands Day, Gunbalanya Open Day, the Mahbilil Festival, the National Aboriginal and Islander Day of Observance Committee (NAIDOC) Week, World Environment Day and Science Week. At these events SSD staff have set up interactive displays, given talks and presentations and discussed with the community various issues related to uranium mining and the impact it has on the people and the environment of the Alligators Rivers Region.

A number of SSD research staff are nationally and internationally recognised leaders in their fields and are often invited to present papers at national and international conferences and technical meetings.

These events are an important means of communicating the outcomes of SSD research and raising awareness of the work of the Division in ensuring the protection of the environment from impacts of uranium mining.

You can read more about these events in Supervising Scientist annual reports (Communication and liaison chapter).