Jabiluka mine monitoring data

Ngarradj (Swift Creek) monitoring data 2010-2013

The graphs on this web page show the following key chemical indicators for the 2010-2013 wet season plus water level of the creek at the compliance point gauging station (JSC). Data for physico-chemical parameters and filterable analyte concentrations from previous wet seasons can be found at Ngarradj grab sample monitoring data 2001 - 2009.

The Supervising Scientist's interpretation of the data in these charts is available at:

Conductivity and Water Level in Ngarradj

The conductivity guideline of 21 μS/cm was determined statistically from historical weekly grab sampling data, and applies to water quality measured in grab samples. This guideline may be exceeded occasionally due to natural events but should not be exceeded due to mining activities. The Supervising Scientist has developed an appropriate interpretive framework for the EC  data produced by the continuous monitoring program. Details can be found on the Ecotoxicology Electrical Conductivity-Magnesium Pulse Framework page.

Graph showing conductivity and Water Level in Ngarradj

Ngarradj continuous monitoring data from the 2010-11 to 2012-13 wet seasons.