222Rn activity flux from open ground surfaces at ERA Ranger uranium mine

Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2004

Internal Report 477
Akber R, Lawrence C, Bollhoefer A, Martin P & Marshman I
Supervising Scientist Division

About the report

Radon (222Rn) activity flux, external gamma dose rate and soil radioactivity measurements were carried out on selected surfaces at Ranger uranium mine near Jabiru during the periods June to September 2002 and October 2003. This work was part of an eriss-QUT project on Determination of Radon Exhalation Rates and 210Pb Deposition Fluxes for the Ranger/Jabiluka Region.

This report is primarily a compilation of the calibrated data collected during this period at Ranger. Some interpretations are also offered for the purpose of illustration of the approach taken during the measurements and for assurance that the trends and values are logical and understandable. Knowledge of fundamental concepts of radon activity flux measurements and Ranger locality is regarded as assumed knowledge. Waste Rock Dump, Ore Stock Piles, Mine Pits, Irrigated Land Application Area and the Mill are regarded as important radon emission sources.