Airborne gamma survey of the upper South Alligator River valley: First Report

Environment Australia, 2000

Internal Report 353
Pfitzner K & Martin P
Supervising Scientist Division

About the report

A number of small uranium mines and prospects operated in the upper South Alligator River valley from 1956 to 1964 when contemporary environmental rehabilitation legislation did not exist. A number of field investigations and a hazard reduction program have occurred since mining ceased. In August 2000, Project 1125 "Airborne gamma survey of the upper South Alligator River valley" commenced in order to provide remotely sensed data and images giving information on the state of abandoned uranium mine sites in the upper South Alligator Valley. The project is designed to provide remotely sensed data, including interpretation, to help Parks North in their planning process for rehabilitation of the abandoned uranium mines in the valley, as well as rehabilitation of tailings in the vicinity of Rockhole Mine Creek. Despite airborne gamma surveys being primarily utilised in the exploration and geological mapping industries, it was considered appropriate to test the application of an airborne gamma survey to mine site rehabilitation applications.