Area affected by the Ranger uranium mine

Department of Environment, Sport and Territories, 1997

Internal Report 248
Carbon B & Johnston A
Supervising Scientist Division

About the report

In September 1996, the Commonwealth Environment Minister, Senator Robert Hill, released Terms of Reference for a comprehensive and independent study of the social impact of development on Aboriginal communities in the Kakadu region. The project is known as the Kakadu Region Social Impact Study (KRSIS).

The study is intended to provide a clear statement of Aboriginal experiences, values and aspirations, and also produce an action plan to address the impacts associated with development in the Kakadu region.

An Aboriginal Project Committee (APC) has been established which is responsible for coordinating and managing Aboriginal involvement in the study and producing a report on Aboriginal concerns and aspirations for the future. Working in parallel with the APC is the Study Advisory Group on which key stakeholders are represented and which is responsible for developing the action plan.

An issue that has emerged as significant during the Study is the interpretation of the term ‘area affected’ by mining in the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 because the interpretation adopted determines those groups of Aboriginal people who receive royalty payments. The present paper was prepared to assist the Northern Land Council in the resolution of this issue and was presented to the Study Advisory Group of KRSIS at its meeting on 12-13 June 1997.