A catalogue of research undertaken in the Alligator Rivers Region

Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2003

Internal Report 428
Mount J & Begg G
Supervising Scientist Division

About the report

The SSD has to have access to any past research in the Alligator Rivers Region (ARR) that could have a bearing on the impact of mining, particularly uranium mining, on people and ecosystems.

Whilst reasonably complete listings of papers published on research undertaken in the ARR have been compiled in the past (eg OSSCAT – the SSD library catalogue; SSAR – the catalogue of eriss/oss publications; the Magela database; and others), none of these databases constituted a fully comprehensive record of publications relevant to the ARR. Consequently, the Alligator Rivers Region Information (ARRI) database project was initiated to compile a single, integrated bibliographic database of all the ecological, social and cultural information that has been published about the ARR.

In addition, much of the research on the region has not been published, but written up in the form of ‘grey literature’. This material is dispersed amongst the records and collections of the organisations that carried out the research. The ARRI Database includes ‘grey literature’ where possible, but does not claim to identify all such materials.