Ecological risk assessments of key threats to Australia's tropical rivers: Overview, proposed framework and methodologies for the Tropical Rivers Inventory and Assessment Project

Department of the Environment Water Resources, 2006

Internal Report 517
van Dam R, Bartolo R & Bayliss P
Supervising Scientist Division

About the report

The tropical rivers of northern Australia are under increasing pressure due to environmental threats and human activities. The objective of this sub-project (sub-project 2) of the Tropical Rivers Inventory and Assessment Project (TRIAP) is to develop a risk assessment framework applicable to the key focus catchments and significant locations that meet stakeholder needs, within the region of the TRIAP. In addition to providing a broad overview of the major pressures on tropical Australia’s aquatic ecosystems, the key component of this study is more detailed risk assessments for the focus catchments, being the Daly River (NT), Flinders River (Qld) and Fitzroy River (WA). Throughout this sub-project, stakeholders will be involved in providing input and feedback.

This paper firstly describes the generic elements of ecological risk assessment then details the process that will be followed for the project and the approaches that will be used.