Framework for assessing the values of waterbirds in the Alligator Rivers Region, northern Australia

Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2004

Internal Report 479
Bellio MG, Bayliss P, Finlayson M & Dostine P
Supervising Scientist Division

About the report

Waterbirds are widely recognised to be of ecological value to the wetlands that occur across northern Australia, with those in the Alligator Rivers Region being highly regarded. Given the importance attributed to waterbirds this report aims to collate and assess existing information to determine its usefulness as a knowledge base for making decisions about protecting the ecological integrity of wetlands in the Alligator Rivers Region. The Alligator Rivers Region as defined in the Environment Protection (Alligator Rivers Region) Act 1978 includes the catchments of the West Alligator, South Alligator and East Alligator Rivers and some additional areas within Kakadu National Park.