Geomorphology and hydrology of Gulungul Creek

Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2002

Internal Report 398
Crossing KS
Supervising Scientist Division

About the report

Ranger uranium mine lies partly within the catchment of Gulungul creek, a small left bank tributary of Magela creek. Current infrastructure in the catchment includes part of the tailings dam and minor road works and the final rehabilitated landform will also lie partly within the catchment. A review of the literature has found that there is limited data on the geomorphology of Gulungul creek.

A program of geomorphic research and monitoring in Gulungul creek is required both to assess any current mine impact on the stream system, with particular reference to channel stability and sediment load, and to determine a baseline and assessment strategy for future monitoring of the final rehabilitated landform.

A PhD project was proposed to meet these aims and carry out a broader study of the creek system. This report describes the work carried out in the initial stages of this project.