IKONOS and ASTER imagery: Ranger Mine and the Magela floodplain area

Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2003

Internal Report 409
Pfitzner K
Supervising Scientist Division

About the report

High spatial resolution IKONOS satellite imagery, at ~ 1 m and 4 m pixel sizes, were acquired in June 2001 over Ranger mine and the Magela floodplain area. These data were purchased in order to provide high resolution images for use across the SSD in a variety of projects and applications. In order to spatially rectify the IKONOS data, a digital elevation model (DEM) was compiled from stereo ASTER (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer) imagery.

The purpose of this report is to:

  • describe the characteristics of IKONOS and ASTER satellite data;
  • highlight the availability of high resolution IKONOS and ASTER imagery captured over Ranger mine and Magela floodplain area for use in a range of applications;
  • document the processing undertaken to date of this data; and,
  • make recommendations for future IKONOS imagery purchases based on lessons learnt from the processing required of these data.

This report outlines the geometric, radiometric and terrain displacement corrections applied to the IKONOS imagery in order to provide data suitable for end users, including GIS integration.

As ASTER data was acquired to produce a DEM for IKONOS corrections, the basic characteristics of ASTER imagery are also highlighted. The processing and storage of data is described. Finally, the report summarises lessons learnt from the acquisition of such data and recommendations are made for IKONOS specifications should future captures be acquired. Further reports may describe the suitability of IKONOS data for minesite monitoring and rehabilitation assessment and other applications such as wetland mapping of the Magela floodplain.