Investigation of methods for the determination of suspended soils in water


Internal Report 5
Cusbert P
Supervising Scientist


A method for the determination of suspended solids in billabong water and Ranger Retention Pond 1 water was evaluated. The study was extended to evaluate methods for the determination of the organic and inorganic portions of suspended solids.

Some of the factors which influence the precision and accuracy of the methods were examined: filter selection; volume of test sample; drying time and ashing time. Error analysis of weighings showed that precision was strongly affected by absorption of moisture onto the glass surface of petri dishes which were used as containers for the filters.

When a test sample volume of 1000 millilitres was taken it was found that the detection limits for the methods were: suspended solids(1.2 mg/L); inorganic residue (0.4 mg/L) and organic residue (1.3 mg/L).