Managing weeds in tropical wetlands: Wetland risk assessment and Mimosa pigra

Environment Australia, 2000

Internal Report 337
Walden D
Supervising Scientist Division

About the report

Weeds are an increasing threat in tropical wetlands. This has been recognised in a number of fora and various recommendations have been passed in an attempt to focus more attention on the problems. The most recent has been the adoption by the Ramsar Wetlands Convention of a resolution on invasive species. This was supported by a report from the Global Biodiversity Forum 13 which also highlighted international efforts to coordinate efforts to combat invasive species in wetlands.

The Ramsar Convention also adopted a further and possibly far more important resolution that encouraged the use of formal wetland risk assessment procedures when addressing threats to wetlands. In assessing the means of managing the troublesome pan-tropical weed Mimosa pigra we have used such a procedure. In this paper we report on our efforts to collate the information necessary to make such a formalised assessment. In doing this we describe the nature of the plant and the problems it causes, along with a description of control methods. This information is presented for discussion and further assessment.