Radionuclides and metals in fish and freshwater mussels from Mudginberri and Sandy Billabongs, Alligator Rivers Region, 2000-2003

Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2005

Internal Report 498
Ryan B, Martin P, Humphrey C, Pidgeon R, Bollhöfer A, Fox T & Medley P
Supervising Scientist Division

About the report

Ranger Uranium Mine is located on the Ranger mining lease within the Alligator Rivers Region (ARR), Northern Territory. The ARR comprises of an area of almost 33,000 km2 which is roughly defined by the catchments of the East, South and West Alligator Rivers, a significant portion of which is occupied by Kakadu National Park.

The main risk identified for ecosystems surrounding the mine site is from dispersion of mine waste waters to streams and shallow wetlands during the intense wet seasons associated with the tropical monsoonal weather of Northern Australia (Supervising Scientist, 2002a). This study focuses on the monitoring of potential mining impacts on Magela and Gulungul Creeks, which both lie within close vicinity to the Ranger site.