Restoration and monitoring of the ecological character of wetlands. Paper presented at 2nd Reunion Internacional de Expertos Sobre la Regeneracion Hidrica de Donana, Huelva, Spain, 26-28 November 2001

Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2003

Internal Report 453
Finlayson CM
Supervising Scientist Division

About the report

The Ramsar Wetlands Convention has developed guidance for wetland restoration with the general purpose of assisting interested parties develop programs to restore the ecological character of important sites. As a prelude to describing the components of this guidance the concept of ecological character is first described. In doing this it is noted that ecological character includes both the biological, chemical and physical features of a wetland and the values and benefits derived from a wetland. That is, there is recognition that people use wetlands and such uses need to be considered alongside the recognised biodiversity values.

Further consideration is given to core information or data fields that can be used to describe the ecological character of a wetland. These are taken from the data fields proposed in the Convention's framework for wetland inventory. Restoration issues are addressed through the Convention's (draft) guidance on this subject under three headings - principles, goals, objectives and performance measures, and guidelines. In conclusion, information is provided on the monitoring concepts in place for the World Heritage and Ramsar listed wetlands of Kakadu National Park, Australia.