Tropical wetlands: Information for environmental training, management and research

Department of the Environment, 1998

Internal Report 287
Finlayson CM & Spiers AG
Supervising Scientist Division

About the report

In 1997 eriss presented a formal training module on the management and protection of tropical wetlands. This was done in collaboration with the Northern Territory University as a component of their Masters in Tropical Environmental Management. The module covered a two week period and encompassed formal lectures, slide and video presentations, computer demonstrations, laboratory and field exercises, discussion sessions and student projects.

Presentations were made by many eriss staff and invited lecturers from an array of agencies/institutions: Northern Land Council; Parks Australia North; Northern Territory Department of Lands, Planning and the Environment; Department of Law, University of Wollongong; Remote Area Training Unit, Northern Territory University; Gagudju Association; and the Lower Mary River Landcare Group. This made for a very diverse and thought-provoking course.

Throughout the module a large amount of information was presented by the scientific professional and technical staff from eriss and invited lecturers. This report is a compendium of much of that information. As such it represents an important information resource for wetland training, management and research in tropical Australia. The information is specifically directed towards wetlands of the Australian Wet-Dry tropics but, given the similarities between wetlands of northern Australia and those elsewhere in the tropical regions of the world it also represents a valuable resource for a much broader audience.

The information in the report is presented as a series of formal scientific papers along with transcripts of less formal presentations. The formal and informal papers are interspersed within broad thematic headings. This combination adds a further dimension to the compendium with a variety of material of interest to wetland managers, owners, users and researchers being presented.