Values and benefits derived from the Macquarie marshes: A need for further analysis

Department of the Environment, 1998

Internal Report 292
Finlayson CM
Supervising Scientist Division

About the report

After consideration of a document entitled Values and Benefits Derived from Wetlands at the June 1998 meeting of the Macquarie River Management Committee members of the committee were asked to individually identify the values and benefits that mattered most to them. This was done in an interactive forum and a list of brief value statements was derived. Importantly, this list represented the views of all participants and observers at the Committee meeting (see minutes of the meeting for a list of participants). As such, it listed views from users, owners and managers linked with the marshes.

In line with the previously mentioned document the statements in the list were taken away, rationalised and categorised as either wetland products, functions or attributes (see definitions of these terms in Annex 1). The results of this categorisation are presented in this paper and will be used as a basis for further discussion with the Committee in order to develop management and monitoring prescriptions. These prescriptions will, in turn, provide a basis for discussion with management agencies and other interested parties.