Water quality in Magela Creek upstream and downstream of Ranger: A summary of performance for 2000-2001 and derived triggers and limits for 2001-2002

Environment Australia, 2001

Internal Report 380
Klessa D
Supervising Scientist Division

About the report

In June 2001, the Ranger Minesite Technical Committee approved the interpretative provisions and compliance framework for water quality triggers in Magela Creek downstream of Ranger Uranium Mine as they relate to section 3.3 of the Environmental Requirements (ERs) of the Commonwealth of Australia. The associated documentation was then presented to the Alligator Rivers Region Advisory Committee in August 2001. Consequently, these same processes and procedures contained in the ERs which determined the level of compliance with water quality objectives will now be applied for the first time during the 2001-2002 wet season at Ranger. The opportunity has been taken however as a ‘dry run’ to assess performance during 2000-2001 using the triggers and limits which were approved by the MTC in November 2000 following submission of a draft document (later published as Klessa 2001) but not to determine compliance in any official capacity.