Mapping and monitoring the Alligator Rivers Region

Supervising Scientist, 2010

Supervising Scientist Note series
Contact officer: John Lowry, Spatial Sciences and Data Integration Program

About the document

The Spatial Sciences and Data Integration (SSDI) Group use data from a range of sources to map and monitor land cover and condition across the Alligator Rivers Region (ARR) and northern Australia. Within the ARR, specific applications include mapping the geomorphic landscapes and features of the region; mapping and monitoring the health of aquatic and woodland communities; assessing the impact of climatic events such as cyclones on the landscape; assessing and monitoring rehabilitation and revegetation of mine sites and modelling potential erosion from mine landforms.

The most recent acquisition of VHR satellite data was the World-View 2 satellite image of the Magela creek floodplain, including the ERA mineral leases and the town of Jabiru. Acquired in May 2010, it is integral to current projects which are mapping aquatic and woodland communities within the Magela catchment. It is also a valuable tool for assessing the health of the vegetation in the area, as well as providing a record of the landcover and conditions at the time it was acquired.