Supervising Scientist Monitoring Program


Instigating an environmental monitoring program to protect aquatic ecosystems and humans from possible mining impacts in the ARR
Supervising Scientist Division
Environment Australia, May 2002

About this document

Through its research programs, the Supervising Scientist Division has developed biological, chemical and radiological techniques that provide the data needed to monitor and detect important impacts upon ecosystems and humans arising from mining activities at Ranger and Jabiluka. In the course of this research work, relevant monitoring data have been gathered that span a period that for many indicators date back over a decade. The 2001-02 wet season was the first time the Supervising Scientist Division formally undertook a full environmental monitoring program, encompassing both water quality and biological measurements downstream of Ranger and Jabiluka. This paper summarises the rationale for the inception and design of this monitoring program.

Explanatory Notes on Water Chemistry Results

Explanatory Notes on Radon Progeny