Australia's tropical rivers - an integrated data assessment and analysis

Land & Water Australia / National Heritage Trust, 2005

LWA/NHT Project DET18 - Milestone report 3: Detailed work plan for sub-project 2


The tropical rivers of northern Australia are under increasing pressure due to environmental threats and human activities. The objective of this sub-project is to develop a risk assessment framework applicable to the key focus catchments and significant locations that meet stakeholder needs, within the region of the Tropical Rivers Project. In developing the risk assessment framework, semiquantitative and quantitative risk analysis will be undertaken where possible, for selected threats. The key focus catchments that will be assessed are: the Daly River Catchment (Northern Territory); Flinders (Queensland); and Fitzroy River Catchment (Western Australia). Throughout this sub-project stakeholders will provide input and feedback.

There a number of key elements in developing the risk assessment framework that will be addressed. Firstly, identification of assets and threats within the focus catachments will be undertaken through a combination of consultations with stakeholders and a review of existing reports and management plans. Both spatial and non-spatial data related to assets and threats will also be collated. Spatial data will then be compiled in a GIS. Secondly, conceptual models for each of the focus catchments will be developed, focussing on the links between key assets and threats. Finally, both semiquantitative and quantitative risk analysis will be conducted on selected threats.