Integrated ecosystem assessment of wetlands in the in the Northern Territory: a tool for NRM

Environmental System Analysis Group, Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR), The Netherlands, 2006

(Summary for Stakeholders)

A pilot case study in the Daly River, Mary River and East Alligator River catchments
O Ypma, M Zylstra (eds)

About the report

This booklet provides an overview of the main research results from six individual MSc theses as components of an integrated ecosystem assessment on ecological, social and economic values of wetlands in northern Australia. These values fed into an analysis of competing interests, relevant policy and institutional aspects and management implications and options. The study areas used for this pilot study were key wetland areas in the catchments of the Daly River, Mary River and, to a lesser extent, the East Alligator River.

The information provided in this booklet has been written predominantly for stakeholders (i.e. community members, pastoralists, fishers, managers, research scientists and decision-makers in governmental agencies etc.) in the catchments and who hold the responsibility for the future of these wetland resources as valuable natural capital.