Environmental indicators for national state of the environment reporting: inland waters

Australia: State of the Environment (Environmental Indicator Reports)
Fairweather PG, Napier GM
Department of the Environment, 1998
ISBN 0 642 54527 8 of the series 0 642 54526 X

About the Document

More than 200 possible environmental indicators for inland waters were considered as potential key indicators for use in national state of the environment (SoE) reporting. Of these, 53 are recommended for further evaluation, refinement and use: 6 relating to groundwater, 3 to human health, 13 to water quality, 12 to water quantity, 7 to physical change, 8 to biotic habitat quality and 4 to effective management. In all, 18 are indicators of pressures, 19 of condition and 16 of response. Recommendations are also made for research and development regarding SoE indicators. These fall broadly into the categories of further developing SoE procedures and outputs (especially data collation and indicator expression), and firming the scientific basis of how the indicators work.