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The Stretton Centre

The City of Playford will receive $11.3 million for the $16.6 million Stretton Centre, an employment research and development facility to be located within the Playford Alive project area. Playford Alive is a long term initiative which commenced in 2008 and is regenerating the Playford area.


Challenges in the City of Playford

The City of Playford is situated 30km north of Adelaide's central business district and is at the forefront of South Australia's growth.

This growth, together with a lack of diverse local employment opportunities and high unemployment, has driven the need for an integrated approach to develop local skills and jobs. The Stretton Centre will encourage communities, governments, agencies, industries and research bodies to work together in planning and delivering a range of employment options for the Playford population.

The City of Playford’s official population (estimated resident population) was approaching 84,000 at 30 June 2012. The rate of population growth has increased annually from 0.7% in 2004 peaking at 2.9% in 2012 - with an increase of 14.2% in the five years to 2012. The 2011 Census1 identified that just over half of Playford’s residents were employed with two-thirds of these working residents travelling outside the area to work - equating to approximately 21,500 persons living in Playford and working elsewhere in 2012. Playford has been identified in The 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide as a strategic new growth area.

 ABS.StatBeta (2014). Annual Population Estimates (ERP) by Statistical Area, Sex and Age.  Accessed 18 March 2014.

Source: ABS.StatBeta (2014). Annual Population Estimates (ERP) by Statistical Area, Sex and Age. Accessed 18 March 2014.


What is the Stretton Centre?

The Stretton Centre will be located on Curtis Road, Munno Para in the City of Playford, adjacent to the developing Curtis Road town centre. The centre will feature modern urban design and sustainability principles and will serve as a showcase for other building work in the area, and is expected to be completed by June 2015.

The centre will provide learning services for job seekers, industry development services for businesses and conduct employment related research.

The centre will also provide for the co-location of business support services, to ensure businesses can access relevant training, mentoring and specialist advice. The centre will target industries like advanced manufacturing and assistive technologies.

A key element of the Stretton Centre will be the Stretton Research Centre, led by the Australian Workplace Innovation and Social Research Centre at the University of Adelaide. The Stretton Research Centre will conduct high quality research into employment and population trends and evaluate current workforce development programs to facilitate effective planning for responses to the economic needs and opportunities in the area.

How will this project address issues in the region?

The iconic Stretton Centre will be an employment research and development facility. It will provide learning services for job seekers, co-locate industry development and support services for businesses, and conduct relevant, innovative employment related research. Local businesses will be able to access training, mentoring and specialist advice in the integrated community facility.

The centre is located within the area of the largest urban development in the country, the Playford Alive project. It will encourage links to develop between employment generation and planning, to complement Playford Alive and other major projects in the region. Additionally the construction of the centre will provide jobs for local people.

The City of Playford will partner with the Australian Workplace Innovation and Social Research Centre at the University of Adelaide to deliver the research and evaluation services component of the project. Research into population and employment trends will help to fill data gaps by examining employer demand at the local level, and will assess the effectiveness of current workforce development programs. The City of Playford is also working with Renewal SA, the South Australian Government's urban development authority, to deliver the town park adjoining the Stretton Centre.

Model of Stretton Centre

Model of Stretton Centre


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1 Hordacre al., (2013) City of Playford Socio-demographic, Employment and Education Profile. A report for the Stretton Centre. WISeR: Adelaide