What if I am offered the job?

When will I find out if I am successful?

The time it takes to finalise the selection process varies from job to job and depends on the availability of the selection panel members and the approval delegate. If you are successful, you should expect to have had contact from us 2-6 weeks following your interview. For bulk rounds where multiple jobs are on offer the process may take a lot longer. Please contact the contact officer for the position if you would like a progress update.

How will I find out if I am successful?

If you are the first candidate on the eligibility list, the Chair of the selection panel will usually call you and make the job offer, except in the case of bulk round recruitment, where formal letters of offer will be sent. It is important for us at this stage to know if you will accept the offer so that we can continue with the on-boarding process. We will send you a formal letter of offer either electronically or via post and ask you to nominate a starting date which you would normally have negotiated with either the Chair of the selection panel or your intended supervisor. Please note:

  • Ongoing employees will be sent a formal letter of offer.
  • Non-ongoing or casual employees will receive their formal letter of offer prior to or on their commencement.
  • Contract staff will be required to sign a contract prior to commencement.

Will I be notified if I am unsuccessful?

Yes. You will usually receive a letter or an email notifying you if you are unsuccessful. Please contact the contact officer for the position if you have any concerns about notification.

How can I prepare myself for work in the Department?

The Department has a compulsory orientation process, with which you will need to comply. It has been organised into three stages: pre-commencement, on-commencement and post-commencement. Each stage is designed to provide you with the information and knowledge necessary for you to do your job and feel comfortable in your new work environment.

When you receive your letter of offer, you will be provided with details to access the pre-commencement component of your orientation. You will be directed to an Internet site which will take you through the necessary steps including compulsory online learning modules.

You will need to register at this site prior to attempting your orientation modules. If you have any problems with your access please email employeedevelopment@environment.gov.au or call 02 6275 9909.

We encourage you to complete the available modules prior to your starting with the Department as it will better prepare you for your work with us and familiarise you with the processes and structure of the department. If you are unable to complete these lessons prior to orientation, time will be set aside for you to complete them in your first week of employment.