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Fairy wren. Photo: Rebecca Gee.
Superb Fairy-wren in the Reed Beds at Millewa Forest, NSW
Lake Hume, Victoria. Photo: Bell Commercial Photography (2008).
Lake Hume, Victoria
Thorny Devil, Uluru. Photo: Michael Nelson.
Thorny Devil, Uluru
Cobourg Peninsula Aboriginal Land & Wildlife Sanctuary. Photo: Jeanette Muirhead.
Cobourg Peninsula Aboriginal Land & Wildlife Sanctuary, Nothern Territory
Geikie Gorge, West Kimberley.
Geikie Gorge, West Kimberley
Echidna. Photo: Cathy Zwick.
Echidna spines close up


Proposal to grant permits for export of plants harvested in Queensland under exceptional circumstances public comment period will close 5pm Friday 2 May 2014.
In February 2014 the Minister decided not to list the Long lowland rivers of south east Queensland and north east New South Wales as a threatened ecological community under the EPBC Act.
The TSSC is seeking comments on the review of the Natural Temperate Grasslands of the Southern Tablelands of NSW and the ACT ecological community; and the Hunter Valley Weeping Myall (Acacia pendula) Woodland of the Sydney Basin bioregion.

The Cleaner Environment Plan

The Australian Government's Plan for a Cleaner Environment - Clean Air, Clean Land, Clean Water and National Heritage​ - will help realise the vision of a great society by protecting and improving our environment for future generations.​

Threatened species & ecological communities

Australia is home to between 600,000 and 700,000 species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world.