Recognised motor/water sport association or club

Applications to vary the national fuel standards

Specialist leaded or unleaded racing fuels and leaded racing fuels (avgas) can only be supplied to current members of a motor sport association or club recognised by the Australian Government for the purposes of administering section 13 approvals under the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000.

These include:

  • Australian Auto-sport Alliance Inc
  • Australian Barefoot Racers Club
  • Australian Formula Jet Sprint Association Inc
  • Australian Historic Motoring Federation Inc
  • Australian National Drag Racing Association Inc
  • Australian Power Boat Association
  • Australian Street Rod Federation
  • Australian Tractor Pullers Association Inc
  • BSA Motorcycle Owners Association Inc
  • Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Ltd
  • Drag Bike Riders Association Australia
  • Dry Lakes Racers Australia
  • Ipswich City Dirt Kart Club Inc
  • Mini Racing Australia
  • Motorcycling Australia
  • National Association of Speedway Racing
  • Queensland Racing Drivers Association Inc
  • Ski Racing Australia
  • South Australian Hot Rod Association Inc
  • Street Machine Association South Australia
  • West Coast Jet Sprint Club Inc