Australian national shipwreck database

The new Australian National Shipwrecks Database (ANSDB) was launched in December 2009. This database includes all known shipwrecks in Australian waters. New features of the ANSDB include many extra fields of information, the capacity to attach images to shipwrecks, the ability to link shipwrecks to relics recovered from shipwreck sites, site environment information for divers and site managers and a history field with the ability to attach documents that include names of passengers and crew. Also included in the ANSDB is an integrated management system to facilitate your online permit applications and notifications.

The information in the ANSDB has been collected by each of the State and Territory historic shipwreck agencies or supplied by collecting institutions holding historic shipwreck objects. Currently, not all data fields are populated. If you have information, or historical or contemporary site images that you wish to contribute to the ANSDB, please contact the relevant State or Territory agency in which the shipwreck is located.

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