Permit application forms and fees

Permit application forms

All sea dumping permit applications must be made on the appropriate forms.

Permit application fees

Sea dumping permit applications should be accompanied by an application fee. Fees are set out in the Environment Protection (Sea Dumping) Regulations 1983. Fees vary depending on the activity.

The appropriate fee should be paid to the Department within 30 days of the application and before the permit can be granted. Cheques should be made out to the Department.

Sea dumping activities and fees
Sea dumping activity Fee
Dredged or excavated material <100,000 m3 $10,000
Dredged or excavated material >100,000 m3 $23,500
Artificial reef $10,000
Burial at sea $1,675
Platform $12,700
Vessel $12,700

The fee for an application to vary a permit is $860.

Submitting your application

Two copies of each form and all accompanying documents must be provided. Where possible, electronic copies of the application material should also be forwarded to the Department.

Fees should be submitted along with applications. Cheques should be made out to the Department of the Environment.

Applications should be submitted to:
Queensland 3 and Sea Dumping Section
Department of the, Environment
GPO Box 787