Ningaloo Commonwealth Marine Reserve - Activities

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Transitional arrangements

Until a management plan comes into effect there will be no changes to management arrangements for the renamed Ningaloo Commonwealth Marine Reserve.

  • Transitional arrangements involve NO CHANGE ON THE WATER for marine users.
  • If you hold an existing approval to undertake activities within the renamed Ningaloo Commonwealth Marine Reserve, you are able to continue to operate under the terms of your existing approval.
  • No additional administrative requirements apply.


Ningaloo Commonwealth Marine Reserve (previously named Ningaloo Marine Park (Commonwealth Waters)) forms part of the North-west Commonwealth Marine Reserves Network. Transitional management arrangements apply until the management plan for the North-west Commonwealth Marine Reserves Network comes into effect.

This information is about the Ningaloo Commonwealth Marine Reserve only. For information on zoning and management arrangements in the Western Australian Ningaloo Marine Park refer to the Western Australian Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) website for Ningaloo Marine Park.

Activities summary

The following table outlines activities allowed without an approval (Tick), allowed under a general approval (GA), allowed with an approval (A) or not allowed (Cross) in the Ningaloo Commonwealth Marine Reserve.

Activity Ningaloo Commonwealth Marine Reserve
General Access Tick
Commercial Activities
Fishing (including collecting) Cross
Filming and photography A
Tourism and charters A
Commercial vessel transit GA
Other commercial activities A
Recreational Activities
Scuba diving and snorkelling Tick
Non-commercial fishing* GA
Scientific Research A
* Recreational fishers must hold all relevant licenses and permits required and comply with the legal lengths, catch limits, permitted gear and other requirements that apply to marine recreational fishing under the WA Fish Resources Management Act 1994 and relevant regulations, policies, plans, notices and orders made under that Act. Please contact the WA Department of Fisheries or see the WA Fish Resources Management Regulations 1995 for further information.