Nelson Commonwealth Marine Reserve

The Nelson Commonwealth Marine Reserve spans the deepwater (below 3000 m) ecosystems extending from South Australia to the west of Tasmania. The reserve encloses geological features including plateaus, knolls, canyons and the abyssal plain - a large area of extremely flat or gently sloping ocean floor just offshore from a continent. The knoll features provide a rocky substrate above the abyssal plain.

Little is known about the benthic diversity of this reserve, however marine mammals occur here.

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Overview of Nelson Commonwealth Marine Reserve
Area 6123 km2 (612 300 ha)
Types of zoning Special Purpose Zone - IUCN Category VI

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  • Examples of ecosystems, habitats and communities associated with the West Tasmanian Transition and associated with the sea-floor features: abyssal plain/deep ocean floor, canyon, knoll/abyssal hill, plateau and slope
  • Important migration area for: humpback whale, blue, fin and sei whales (likely migration)

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All fourteen reserves in the South-east are managed under the South-east Commonwealth Marine Reserves Network Management Plan 2013-23. This Management Plan sets out the zoning, allowable activities and rules for use within South-east marine reserves until 2023.

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