Bremer Commonwealth Marine Reserve - Management


Transitional arrangements

Until a management plan comes into effect transitional arrangements apply.

  • Under the transitional arrangements, there are NO CHANGES ON THE WATER for users of new areas added to the Commonwealth marine reserves estate.
  • NOTE: There are no changes to management arrangements in the marine reserves that existed prior to the establishment of the new reserves, that is, the same restrictions on activities will continue to apply even where those reserves have been incorporated into new reserves.


General approval

The Director of National Parks has issued a general approval for all new areas added to the Commonwealth marine reserve estate in the South-west Commonwealth Marine Reserves Network.

Activities must be carried out in accordance to the conditions under the general approval.

Management plan

A management plan for the South-west Commonwealth Marine Reserves Network will be developed in accordance with the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). The plan will provide for the protection and conservation of each reserve by setting out how it will be managed, what activities will be allowed or prohibited and how this will be done. The management plan will address key aspects of management over the life of the plan (10 years).