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Alert - 14 May, 2014

Most of the visitor areas in Christmas Island National Park have re-opened, following Cyclone Gillian in March. Some areas – such as The Dales and Dolly Beach - will require longer term repairs before you can enjoy them once again.

For more information, please contact the park.


Island information

Eighty-five square kilometres in size, tropical Christmas Island National Park makes up almost  two thirds of the Australian territory of Christmas Island. It lies far out in the Indian Ocean, 2,600 kilometres northwest of Perth and 500 kilometres south of the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

Rich in biodiversity

As an isolated oceanic island, distant from other land masses, Christmas Island is home to a high proportion of endemic species, some of them endangered.The park protects much of the island’s uniquely structured rainforests, two wetlands of international importance, tens of millions of red crabs and a small but environmentally significant marine area.


The island is one of the world’s truly spectacular tropical seabird rookeries, with around 80,000 seabirds nesting here each year. It is home to the endangered Abbott's booby and the only nesting sites in the world of the Christmas Island frigate bird. Read more....


Christmas Island is home to an enormous abundance and diversity of land crabs, not matched anywhere else in the world. More than 20 land crab species include an estimated 45 million red crabs who shape and maintain the health of the island's unique rainforests. Read more...


The influences of warm temperatures, high rainfall, isolation, fauna, soil depths and types, and geological history have fused to develop Christmas Island’s unique plant life. About half the island’s plants are not known anywhere else in Australia.Read more...

Park management

National Park staff work with researchers, the shire and the island community to protect this fantastic natural environment for future generations. Read more....


Like islands around the world, Christmas Island faces many threats to its biodiversity. Read more...