Kakadu is Your Outdoor Classroom

Kakadu is a living cultural landscape and has acted as an open air classroom for over 50,000 years. Kakadu’s Bininj/Mungguy traditional owners welcome school groups to Kakadu National Park and hope that all school groups learn about Kakadu’s cultural and natural values during their stay.

Park Use Fees and Exemptions for Australian Schools

Entry into Kakadu National Park is free for all Northern Territory residents and all children under 16 years of age. All other visitors are required to purchase a Park Pass ($25 per person, valid for 14 days).

Australian primary and high school groups visiting Kakadu for educational purposes are exempt from paying park entry fees. To apply for this exemption, please complete the Kakadu National Park Fee Exemption Form (PDF - 129.21 KB) .

Exclusive Educational Experiences

We encourage school groups to connect with country and learn from our Bininj/Mungguy traditional owners and park rangers through an exclusive educational experience.

We can provide a range of engaging educational experiences both on country and at our Bowali Visitor Centre. We can cater to the ages of your students and your areas of study or interest.


Experiences we can provide include:

Explore Bowali Visitor Centre. See more...

Time: 1 hour

Take a guided tour through Bowali’s Interpretive Centre, learning about Kakadu’s unique landscapes, cultural understandings of country, endemic species, joint management and much more. With advance notice provided, this experience can be tailored to your interests and desired curriculum outcomes.

Slideshow presentation at Bowali Visitor Centre. See more...

Time: 1 hour

Various topics are available, including: Ginga (estuarine crocodiles), Kakadu’s Wildlife, Kakadu’s Six Seasons, Buffalo Days, Rangers Behind the Scenes, Rock Art.

Nourlangie art site talks. See more...

Time: 1.5 - 2 hours

1.5km guided loop walk, discovering three places of interest along the way

  • Gun-warddehwardde Lookout – Views of country and culture (different world views are explored)
  • Anbangbang Gallery – Learning about law, land and family (rock art and landscape features tell stories and serve as reminders about cultural obligations)
  • Anbangbang Shelter – Jigsaw in time (archaeological site explained)   

Guided walk and Visitor Centre tour: Wonders of Kakadu’s world heritage. See more...

Time: 2 hours

A guided one way walk down the Bowali walking track (from Jabiru to Bowali Visitor Centre, 2km), ending with a guided tour of the Bowali’s interpretive centre.

Guided walk: Explore an iconic wetland. See more...

Time: 1 - 2 hours

A guided short walk on the Yellow Water boardwalk, learning about this important habitat, its wildlife and traditional uses of natural resources.

Guided walk: From billabong to stone country. See more...

Time: 2 hours

A guided walk to Anbangbang Billabong, followed by a short but steep ascent to Nawurlandja Lookout, giving views over a landscape studded with stories. This walk explores two very different habitats which are closely linked.

Fees for private educational experiences. See more...

The following fees apply to private educational experiences:

Time required for chosen activity

Monday – Friday business hours (8am – 5pm)

Monday – Friday evenings and Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays

Up to 1 hour

$77 (for up to 13 students) + $5.77 for each additional student

$160 (for up to 13 students) + $8 for each additional student

1.5 – 2 hrs

$112 (for up to 13 students) + $8 for each additional student

$180 (for up to 13 students) + $9 for each additional student


Prepare for your trip

To prepare yourself and your class for your trip to Kakadu, you can:

  • Download Kakadu’s Visitor Guide and other Park Notes relevant to your trip.
  • Download the free Kakadu Study Guide (PDF - 4.63 MB) and work through it with your class. (This study guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the Kakadu documentary series).
  •  Watch the Kakadu documentary series. The DVD set can be purchased through Bowali Visitor Centre and ABC Shops.

Contact us

To book an exclusive educational experience, for assistance in planning your trip, or for any other information, contact: