A win for conservation

Historically, Australia's national parks and reserves have been managed as conservation enclaves, largely removed from decisions by planning bodies in their regions and from tourism development and marketing.

As a result, decisions that impact on their long-term sustainability have been taken in isolation. The social and economic value of our natural and cultural assets has been undervalued.

By working in partnership, Parks Australia is achieving greater conservation outcomes for our natural places:

  • National Landscapes provides a framework where new tourism experiences are based on environmental and cultural protection
  • Our international and domestic visitors become champions for protecting our natural places
  • The tourism industry is developing products where their visitors assist with local conservation initiatives as part of their Australian experience
  • Local tourism and planning bodies are realising the value of our natural and cultural assets for the long term wealth and sustainability of their regions
  • The partnership provides a framework for better infrastructure planning across the regions, of particular benefit to managing our remote national parks and natural places.


National Landscape Environment

Australia's National Landscapes contain some of our most spectacular and fragile environments.

Would you like to get involved in preserving these special places? Each factsheet highlights ways you can get 'hands on' and contribute to local conservation efforts.

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Share your story

Have you had an amazing experience in one of Australia's National Landscapes?

We are always interested in hearing your stories. Tell us about your wildlife sightings, how the landscape affected you, or how you were inspired by the people you met.

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