Phillip Island management


Visitation to Phillip Island is generally seasonal and limited. However the popularity of the island for recreation is increasing. Activities included rock-fishing, general sightseeing (mainly locals) and limited private and commercial guided tours for special interest groups [mainly tourists].


"The extinction of species of living things, which can never be renewed since they represent centres of natural evolution under very special circumstances, would be seen by scientists and others as a matter of deep concern. However, of even greater general concern would be the catastrophic soil erosion and continuing transformation of Phillip Island to a lunar-like landscape, sterile and barren."

With the extermination of rabbits from the Island attention has turned to weed control, revegetation and monitoring of seabirds particularly Whale Birds. Continuing work to control African Olives around the endangered Hibiscus has been undertaken.

Management Aims

In view of the high nature conservation values of Phillip Island the following aims are appropriate:

  • Conservation of the natural resources of the Island especially species in danger of extinction and those of special significance
  • Restoration of natural communities free of competition from introduced plants and animals
  • Prevention of the introduction of non-native plants and animals
  • Removal or control of existing exotic species which pose a threat to native flora and fauna
  • Identification and protection of the scientifically valuable resources of Phillip Island, recognising the international significance of the islands ecosystems and the role to be played in conserving the native flora and fauna of the Norfolk Group
  • Maintenance of the special values of Phillip Island for the people of Norfolk Island
  • Encouragement of public understanding and enjoyment of Phillip Island and its resource, whilst ensuring the protection of these resources for the future.
  • Develop the island as additional habitat area for the Norfolk Island Green Parrot.