Environmental Resources Information Network

The Environmental Resources Information Network (ERIN) is a unit within the Department of the Environment specialising in online data and information management, and spatial data integration and analysis. ERIN aims to improve environmental outcomes by developing and managing a comprehensive, accurate and accessible information base for environmental decisions.

Information for decision making

Information is drawn from many sources and includes maps, species distributions, documents and satellite imagery, and covers environmental themes ranging from endangered species to drought and pollution.

Information bases continue to be established to help answer questions crucial to the conservation and management of our environment.

  • What is found in a particular region? (such as, a rare species, an environmental resource, or a type of management zone)
  • Where is something?
  • What kinds of environments exist and where are they found?
  • How are these environments being managed?
  • Is the environment changing and by how much?
  • What will happen if...?

The answers to these questions are urgently required by government, industry, researchers and the community.

There is also a growing requirement to provide environmental information for education and regional land management purposes. This will help determine where conservation effort should be targeted.

Information services provided or hosted by ERIN

For further information about ERIN:
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