Letter of Transmittal

Independent Report to the Commonwealth Minister for the Environment and Heritage
Australian State of the Environment Committee, Authors
CSIRO Publishing on behalf of the Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2001
ISBN 0 643 06745 0

Letter of Transmittal

Australian State of the Environment Committee
Chair: Professor Bruce Thom

Minister for the Environment and Heritage
Parliament House

Dear Minister

It is with pleasure that I present the second independent and comprehensive report on the state of Australia's environment. It has been prepared by the Australian State of the Environment Committee in line with the Committee's terms of reference.

The preparation of the Report has been guided by seven theme reports on atmosphere, coasts and oceans, biodiversity, land, inland waters, natural and cultural heritage, and human settlements.

The Committee wishes the Report to be used by decision-makers at all levels of government and in the community. It should help people to be better informed about the state of our environment, the pressures we exert on it and the effectiveness of our responses. The Report and associated theme reports provide data and information on important environmental issues.The challenges facing Australia's environment require responses based on the best available information.

I personally wish to thank all those who have contributed to the preparation and publication of this comprehensive Report.

I am pleased to commend the Report to you and, through you, to the people of Australia.

Yours sincerely


Professor Bruce Thom

14 December 2001