Australian Government ICT Sustainability Plan

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ICT Sustainability in Government Operations

The Australian Government is a significant user of information and communications technology (ICT). Government agencies, in their operations and activities, manage and use ICT services, infrastructure, networks and large quantities of equipment as well as associated consumables like toner cartridges and copy paper. This volume of activity raises many environmental management issues.

Australian Government ICT Sustainability Plan 2010-2015

ICT Plan cover

The Australian Government ICT Sustainability Plan 2010-2015 is a five year plan that will assist Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 (FMA Act) agencies to better align their use of ICT with the Government's overall sustainability agenda.

By focusing on the responsible acquisition, installation, maintenance, use and disposal of ICT, the Government aims to utilise ICT resources more effectively, improve efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce the environmental impact of its ICT operations.

The Plan identifies standards to be applied in government purchasing of ICT products and services, and introduces measures to improve environmental performance of ICT, particularly in terms of energy efficiency.

Another focus of the ICT Sustainability Plan is the effective use of ICT by Government agencies to promote more sustainable practices in government, industry and the community for the economic and social benefit of all Australians.


Guidance materials - mandatory environmental standards

Section 2 of the Australian Government ICT Sustainability Plan 2010-2015 introduces six mandatory environmental standards into ICT procurement processes to establish minimum levels of environmental performance for relevant ICT acquisitions. These standards also signal to suppliers and manufacturers the Australian Government's intentions for improved ICT sustainability practices.

News Alert: The mandatory Environmental Standard 4 (ES4) Recycled content office copy paper has been recently updated. This update provides greater clarification of the recycled content paper requirements which apply to all FMA agencies from July 2015 onwards. Refer to Mandatory Environmental Standards Guideline 4 for the updated standard.


The Australian Government Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Sustainability Plan 2010 2015 was approved by the Government in July 2010 following endorsement by the Secretaries' ICT Governance board (SIGB) in February 2010.