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Environmental watering in Gunbower Creek 2013-14


22 November 2013: This action is in progress.

About the watering

Gunbower Creek, Murray River catchment. Photo by Alana Wilkes (CEWO)

Up to 35,000 ML of Commonwealth environmental water has been made available for use in Gunbower Creek, Victoria, during 2013-14.Commonwealth environmental water will contribute to in-stream baseflows and freshes within Gunbower Creek between July 2013 and June 2014.

This watering action will contribute to achieving the following objectives:

  • provide habitat, breeding and recruitment opportunities for native fish
  • support hydrological connectivity and water quality throughout Gunbower Creek.

This watering action is an example of how environmental water can contribute to environmental outcomes at multiple sites. With the assistance of our delivery partners, the environmental water for this action will be provided from flows that were originally part of other environmental watering actions in Victoria.

This watering action will be managed in cooperation with the Victorian Environmental Water Holder, Goulburn-Murray Water, The Living Murray, the Murray Darling Basin Authority and the North Central Catchment Management Authority.